About me 

Where I studied  

University of Sydney (Sydney Law School) 2010 – 2014

  • Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (B.Com.,LL.B).

  • Majored in Business Information Systems

Ritsumeikan University  2014

  • Japanese Law Intensive unit

  • Research topic : ISDS Provisions in the Japan-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Where I work   

Internal audit analyst, Macquarie Group - February 2015 to Present

During the day, I help the bank identify areas where we are exposed to risk and ensure that there are adequate mechanisms in place to mitigate the risk. I work on different projects  with different people every 3-4 weeks and my area of expertise lies in financial markets. 

What keeps me motivated at work? 

  • I thrive on complexity in business strategies. The more complex it is, the more risk exposure, the more motivated I am to solve the problem.

  • I enjoy having discussions with the business and using data analytics to identify control gaps.

Relevant Skills

  • Experienced liaising and negotiating issues with senior management

  • Advanced Excel and Powerpoint Skills

  • Ability to perform data analysis and dashboard creation with Tableau 

  • Experienced in project based work

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and SQL

  • Multilingual - conversational in Mandarin and Japanese


what keeps me up at night





  • I care about international law, specifically human rights, sustainability and politics. you'll usually find me ranting about the amount of coffee cups we use that cannot be recycled.  

  • In my spare time I love to read and write. I am currently doing a 4 week course on Introduction to Creative Writing. I am currently reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

  • I love to play computer games and I am currently playing overwatch.

  • I follow the NBA and the team I follow is Golden State Warriors because it is the first team I watched live. 

  • I play a variety of sports and love to keep active. I used to compete in track and field competitively, but now I play sport socially. I play:

    • Social lunch time netball : mainly play Goal Defense and Goal Attack 

    • Social basketball 

    • Social oztag